Davina's visit to Porto

Every few months, I fly out to Porto, Portugal, to visit the family run factory, where our handbags are made.

Whilst I was there last month, I took some time out to explore Porto and what it has to offer.  (Amazingly, these photos were all taken in the same day, although you'd never know looking at the changes in weather!)

Here are some of my highlights:

Setting off for a day of exploring...

Where the Douro river meets the Atlantic at Foz Do Douro

Gardens in Foz Do Douro

Taking the tram from Foz Do Douro into the centre.

Beautiful architecture and tiles at every turn

Colourful offerings at Mercado do Bolhao

Confectionary shop outside the Mercado Do Bolhao

Taking in the spectacular views from the bridge across the Ribeira

The Dom Luis bridge, seen from the south bank 

Walking along the south side of the Douro, towards the fishing village of Afurada, before hopping on the water taxi back to the other side of the river.


Davina. x