About us

A born and bred Londoner, I have always been obsessed with finding the right handbag.  After years of searching, and never quite finding the right bag, in 2015 I set about designing my own.

My aim is to produce beautiful hats and handbags without the extortionate price tag.  When it comes to handbags, I believe that practicality is key, and my handbags are designed to ‘fit your life’.  Whether you are a girl about town, or a mum on the go, there will be a bag for you in the collection.  

Once my handbag designs have been signed off in London, they are sent to the factory in Porto, where a great team of artisans bring the  designs to life.

Alongside the handbag range, in 2017 I launched ‘The Holiday Collection’, a range of Panama hats, handwoven in Ecuador and finished in London.

I am excited to be launching new styles and growing the collection in 2017.

‘Handcrafted quality at affordable prices’